How To Find the Quintessential Coat For Cold Months

I don't own many coats. There is only one reason for this - I can never seem to find the right colour, fit or material. But as the cold winds are creeping in, I made it a priority to find a good coat that I can wear with literally anything (because I'm a very lazy and practical person). 

You might remember this post, where I wore a classic wool coat with large buttons that I got in a small boutique in Minsk. That was the only coat I have owned that ticked all the boxes. But as chance would have it, I found another "perfect" coat in Forever 21 completely accidentally. It was a beautiful pastel colour that is absolutely everything.

Some guidelines to finding the perfect coat:

1. Pick Neutral or Pastel Colours. I feel like a more plain colour gives you more play and options with the layers underneath. Thinking of buying a mustard yellow coat? Why not buy a pastel purple and layer a mustard yellow jumper underneath with black jeans.

2. Think Timeless Classic Shapes. A classic fit is classic for a reason - it will look good from season to season. If you're not sure about the shape and fit of a coat, there is no shame in walking out of the fitting room and around the shop with it on you. Try move around, reach for things, and look in several mirrors in different lighting. Also, be careful with the weight of the coat - lets's be serious - you don't want to be constantly weighed down by your clothes!

3. Material. Material. Material. I would say the safest best is to go for a coat that is 50% real wool and above. The reason for this is because you actually want it to last you a long time, and the material will not start looking old and frumpy after a few outings. Wool is what actually keeps you warm and doesn't let cold winds penetrate through the material. 

Jeans & Flats - Zara // T - Vero Moda // Coat - Forever21 // Bag - Louis Vuitton 

Photographer: Daniel da Silva

Valery Micaela

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