Leather, Tweed and Ruffles

After reading the title is your reaction "What?" - Mine was too. While on my spontaneous trip to Cape Town for my 22nd birthday, I had a moment of "what the hell did I actually pack". I travel a lot, but its usually for long periods of time. Packing for a longer time is a lot simpler, since you can also do some awesome shopping wherever you are. 

However packing for 4 days away was a whole new challenge. Do I pack whole set outfits? Or just basics, and choose there? ... My tactic ended up being was just to throw in a bunch of stuff into the suitcase and hope for a miracle.

So here we are, the strangest outfit post to date. All Stars, leather pants and a lovely delicate ruffled tweed shirt. Throw in a Chanel Boy bag and we have a winner. Sometimes a spurt of creativity is all you really need. 

Top & Pants - Zara // Shoes - Converse // Bag - Chanel

Photographer: Daniel da Silva


Valery Micaela

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