How To Style: A Plain Cotton Blouse

Clearing out your closet, although terrifying for some, can be an overall rewarding experience. Many of us have a collection of these easy, no-frills, simple cotton shirts hiding in the back of our closets. These shirts are the most comfortable things ever, but sadly just pairing a cotton shirt with jeans can often make you look like a crazy soccer-mom.

So in an attempt to bump your "comfy casual" look to "dinner-date-appropriate" status, here are some tips on reviving your cotton blouse once and for all.

Shirt - Gap // Jeans - River Island // Shoes - Bronx // Handbag - Armani Jeans


Tuck it in

Tucking in your shirt can add a certain fresh and elegant element to your outfit. It can look professional and put together in the most comfortable of ways. Also try tucking in a button down halfway, or only in the front can give your look a cool edge.


Change your jeans

Do you only wear skinny jeans? Try some ripped boyfriend jeans or even flared out 70s jeans. Only wear blue denim? Try white or stone-washed. Changing up your daily denim jeans can transform your look from 0-100 in an instant, no matter what shirt you're wearing.


Keeping it simple

Trying to pair statement pieces to your casual look can look like you're trying way too hard. Embrace the simple, and go for classic timeless pieces and just stick to one bold accessory.


Photographer: Daniel da Silva

Valery Micaela

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