How Staying True To My Personal Style Has Changed Me

Looking at old pictures of yourself is always a painful experience for some of us. After the initial shock of how much you've changed appearance-wise -- whether its getting older or thinner or fatter or blonder -- like me, you next thought is "OMG what was I wearing?!" 

As a younger, much much less-confident little human, I always tried to fit in. It was already hard growing up as a foreigner with completely different world views and understandings as a child, so I always tried to fit in that much harder. I used to only shop at the shops my friends used to shop at, and wear my clothes a specific way so that I looked like every other South African girl. I used clothes and changing my physical appearance as a mechanism to deal with being afraid to speak up and explore the world inside my own head

At a certain point, I took a step back and realized that thats not who I am. I was unhappy with who I was becoming and didn't like what I saw in the mirror. I made the very mature decision to disassociate myself from anyone who had any influence on me in my life. Yes, that left me with very little close friends at the time, but it allowed me to grow as a person. A person who did what she wanted, when she wanted, very few limits. Over time, this new person I became attracted so many new, way more interesting, people into my life. People that embraced me for me, and didn't care whether I wore the same brand of shoes with them when we went out. 

This new found sense of freedom, and a LOT of person growth away from people who always strived to be in cliques of SAME-ness, allowed me to venture out into the thing I probably love most in this world.
As shallow as that sounds, a person's own unique sense of style is a true reflection of their emotions, their state of mind and their overall livelihood.  I have come to realize that the way you do your hair, the way you do your makeup (if you choose to do anything) all the way down to what socks you put on your feet and into your shoes, always come from a very creative little space in your mind. Your own little personal creative space - and no one can take that away from you.

T - Nike // Coat - Country Road // Pants - Zara // Shoes - Adidas // Bag - Isabelina
Sunglasses - Witchery

Photographer: Daniel da Silva

Valery Micaela

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