With the passing of a rather mild winter, I could not be happier to shed the layers and embrace my feminine side. Not feminine enough for crazy spring floral print, but feminine nonetheless. This accidental find, from the incredible UK brand "Warehouse", has been speaking to my soul on multiple levels. Its lady-like, but not too much, since we all know that I'm not about that lady-like life. 

Pro life tip: Throw on some beaten up sneakers to any dress just to remind yourself, and everyone around you, that you shouldn't take yourself too seriously.

And as a celebration of freeing myself from some toxic life situations, a fresh new hair colour, I come to you with a head full of ideas; some new blog posts bursting with my strange life advice; peculiarly simplified sense of style, and writing skills presented in the form of my actual stream of consciousness.

Dress - Warehouse // Sneakers - Converse // Bag - Bershka

Valery Micaela

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