Feeling Sporty

 When its cold and windy outside, who wants to get out of bed, am-i-right? Its warm, comfy and cozy and why should the clothes you wear be anything but?

Ripped jeans + sportswear = match made in heaven. Always. Add a wool coat and you're all set to walk out the house and brace the cold.

My Wits holidays are coming to an end, and my tests and dissertation to write are constantly hanging over my head. Not to mention the internship I start next week making me a complete worry-wart. This outfit is both sporty-chic (my personal trademark), and comfortable and cozy enough for me to wear to varsity without crying over leaving my bed.

Jeans - Guess // T-shirt - Nike // Trainers - Nike //  Handbag - Celine // Coat - small wool boutique in Minsk, Belarus 

Keep Warm!

Photographer: Daniel da Silva

Valery Micaela

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