#BeautyReview: Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick

After recently turning 21, I decided it was time to start taking foundations seriously. Don't get me wrong, I've always been very selective of what I put on my face (thanks premature ageing paranoia). I decided it was time for a change and splurge on something that promises not only great-looking skin but actually gives great skin too.

The Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick also has quite the reputation. Not only has it won multiple awards, but is one of the most iconic foundations in makeup history. This foundation also comes in 31 shades, making it the perfect foundation for women of colour.

The foundation promise: "An innovative blend of emollients—like olive extracts and shea butter—help to moisturise skin (and lock it in), so skin stays looking soft and smooth all day. Light diffusing powders and oil-controlling minerals help perfect the appearance of skin while reducing shine (even in sweat, water and humidity)."

So I gave in. One of the lovely ladies at Bobbi Brown helped my choose the perfect shade, that is practically undetectable on my face, in one go.
I bought it, wore it everyday for a week in every way and here's my verdict.

- Great colour selection
- Moisturising
- Easy to use & great for travelling
- Easily buildable coverage, can easily move between light - medium - full coverage 
  depending how you work with it 
- Natural looking, radiant finish
- Can double-up as a concealer
- Takes up no space in the makeup bag, and easily carried in the tiniest of handbags
- No flash back

- Not for oily skin types
- Needs retouching with power in the late afternoon
- Needs a little time to warm up on the face to mimic the skin texture, much like a 
  concealer. Not too much of a hassle, but may be difficult for makeup newbies
- Need to be careful with mixing water-based hydrating primer since foundation has 
  olive oil extracts 

Another key piece of information that I probably forgot to mention - I have dehydrated combination acne-prone skin. And very very many red/purple surface pigmentation from cystic acne scars.

Now, when I tell you that this foundation covers everything - I mean it literally. covers. everything. I have never been so happy in my entire life - goodbye 1000 cakey concealers!

After a week of playing around with this bad boy, I have found the perfect foundation routine:
After cleaning your face with soap-free cleanser, you have to decide what your skin needs that day based on skin type. This foundation is crazy moisturising, so I'd be very weary of hydrating primers unless your skin is so dry its about to crack. Do however wear SPF if you're using this during the day. For me, I got the best result from an organic moisturiser made for combo skin that actually minimises pores and reduces all shine (and I have dehydrated skin!)

Then open the stick, and go wild with tribal face paint designs. Be sure to start applying onto the parts of your face that need the most coverage, and then just blending towards the areas of your face were you have better, clearer skin. Then start blending! Apply a little more to the parts of your face that you feel need more coverage, or get some on your finger and tap on a pigmentation mark/zit that you want to cover, like a concealer.

The best tools for this foundation:
- Real Techniques Foundation Brush
- Fingers
- Bobbi Brown Foundation Brush
(I do not recommend a damp sponge due to the olive oil extracts in the foundation)

Overall Comment: Super Impressed!

Stay tuned for more reviews.

Valery Micaela

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