How to look your best on your next lazy Sunday brunch

A casual Sunday brunch-ready outfit is all you need in your life sometimes. Cool enough for the weekend, warm enough for this shady weather, and comfortable enough to have lots of pizza and sangria. That criteria combined creates this effortless loose trousers, sleeveless T and oversized denim jacket look.

This look was styled in 2-minutes without much thought. That is why I decided to post it on my blog. While I like to offer some tips and tricks to my styling choices on my blog, much of my life is spent just grabbing the first thing I see out of my cupboard. 

Also much like my life, this look was put together without a care in the world about my hair and elaborate makeup. The thing about my hair, is that I used to torture it with the hair straighter for years and years, and have been highlighting it since I was 16. So when it comes to lazy Sundays spent with family and friends, I see no need to do anything to it! Messy hair rules! And it goes perfectly with an outfit like this. 

Looking your best on a lazy Sunday, to me, is about embracing your laziness, letting your hair and skin breathe. And by my choice of Sunday outfitting, its about letting your skin breathe too. So put down those skinny jeans and grab a pair of loose pants! 

Jacket - Gap // Pants - Country Road // T - H&M // Sneakers - Adidas
Sunglasses - RayBans // Bag - Chanel

Photographer: Daniel da Silva

Valery Micaela

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