I've recently been perplexed as to why my sense of style is so different to that of regular South Africans. At university I constantly got asked what I was wearing because it looked so good. When I was in 2nd year, there was a group of 1st years that were obsessed with my supposed "style" (bless their hearts).  

In reality, I am truly the laziest humans on earth when it comes to my choice of wear. Jeans, a graphic T and some boots is all I need to survive. The more I looked at fellow international bloggers, the more I began to realize that I have a very "British" sense of style. I absolutely adore a more manly approach to my outfit du jour. I wish there was a way I could explain how my clothes make me feel. Strong, powerful, and like I can do anything, all the while being comfortable and elegant. My clothes are a true representation of my personality. That absolutely includes the reason why I'm so in love with this black mesh T with the word "censored" on it! There is no better way to describe me most times (for those who know me). So next time you're feeling a little uninspired with your outfit choice, just remember that style is the best way of speaking without having to say a word.

 T - Cotton On // Jeans - La Redoute Madame x Brigitte Bardot // Boots - H&M
Coat - Forever21 // Bag - Louis Vuitton

Photographer: Daniel da Silva


Valery Micaela

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