Black & White

I've never been a massive fan of colourful clothes, unless of course its just one coat or one bright pair of shoes. Even when its comes to makeup I don't stray from my usual brown & orange toned eyeshadows, black eyeliner and a nude natural lip. But thats a topic for another day.

I feel like lately on my blog, I've been trying to incorporate colour into my outfits and thats just not me at all. I'm a completely monotone clothes kind-of-gal, and I feel like I haven't shown it too much. Since I prefer to stick to basic colours, over the years I've found that you can still have so much fun with them! 

Who cares about colour when you can have endless fun with prints, textures and shapes?
The top I'm wearing is a flared-out crop top with stripes and adorable buttons. The high waisted cropped pants have a slight flare on the bottom and a beautiful long gold zip on running down the side. My vans are white leather with a straw lining detail. 

Just because it doesn't have colour, doesn't mean its not interesting - quite the opposite really.

Crop Top - Topshop // Jacket - Zara // Pants - H&M // Shoes - Country Road 
Handbag - Louis Vuitton

Photographer: Daniel da Silva

Valery Micaela

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