Rebellious Denim

ripped 90s denim jacket
Denim jackets - for you there's only love. The essential ingredient for any 90s teenage dirtbag look.  My explanation behind buying this jacket is simple - I saw it and HAD to have it. Spoken like a true addict. Also I mean, who wants a plain denim jacket? Not this girl... There's rips, and sequins AND sequins under the rips. This jacket couldn't be cooler if it tried. 

Glorious, is it not? Liquor N Poker you have truly outdone yourselves (queue slow clap)

In other non-shopping-addiction news: Wits is closed due to strikes, and one of my exams have already been cancelled for now. Even though I've been thoroughly enjoying my mini-holiday from university, I would also like to finish my degree. Thanks strikers. 

With that off my chest, here are more photos of my new awesome jacket and other outfit details:

Jacket - Liquor N Poker // T-shirt - Mango // Shorts - Cotton On // Boots - Trenery 
 Handbag - Celine // Sunglasses - River Island

Photographer: Daniel da Silva

Valery Micaela

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