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IMAN Cosmetics Beauty Blogging

I've had the honour to attend the event celebrating the launch of South Africa's IMAN Cosmetics website. Now if you don't know who the gorgeous Iman is, google her. Right now. I'll wait.

Ok, done? Awesome! Now can we just take a moment for amazing this woman is. She was the first black woman to appear on the cover of Vogue, and through the years has become one of the most successful supermodels in the world. Needless to say, due to being a woman of colour, she's faced a world of difficulties when it comes to makeup. Her solution? She created her own fabulous line of cosmetics to suit every single skin colour. 

IMAN Cosmetics beauty blogging

South Africa is just one of the African countries to benefit from this amazing brand. Being a rainbow nation, many women often struggle to find foundation matches or face products with enough pigment to even show up on their skin.

Enter Omega Cosmetics.

They have brought IMAN Cosmetics to SA, and this event was the official launch of their website - meaning it can be purchased all over the country if you do not have access to a Stuttafords that stocks IMAN Cosmetics.

These lovely makeup artists were 2 of the many who let us play around with the makeup like kids in a candy store, and even showed us a makeup application presentation. (I will forever be grateful for the brow and contouring tutorials). And from what I have tried let me tell you...
Lipsticks - A+ for comfort, colour and staying power
Foundations - A+ for consistency, variety and colour selection
Contouring Trio - A+ for pigment, ease and colour
Eyeshadows - B+, the only let down is the variety of colours
And I am yet to try everything else.

All in all, it was a lovely day, and we got some free lip products to take home (See my Instagram)

To the event, I wore:

Jacket - Stockmann (St Petersburg) // Shirt - H&M // Jeans - River Island // Boots - H&M // Watch - Emporio Armani // Backpack - LYDC (London)

Be sure to check out their newly launches website:

IG: @ImanAfrica and post some pics of your looks using #ImanAfrica

Keep Warm!

Photographer: Daniel da Silva

Valery Micaela

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