Grunge Revival

Oasis. The Smiths. The Stone Roses. Mazzy Star. Radiohead. Nirvana. What am I talking about? Iconic rock band T-Shirts are the trend right now. Going further back in time, The Who, Rolling Stones and The Doors are also all pretty respectable choices.

I grew up in a pretty heavy-metal household, so my choice of T happens to be Iron Maiden or Metallica. However, you're free to choose whatever floats your boat. The true art of this new trend is to add a little grunge to your outfit. Some plain denim jeans and a band T-shirt look fantastic, but so would a good leather skirt and some heels. These T's are extremely versatile and there isn't really a right or wrong way to wear them. I took it to a whole new level with some faded black/grey jeans with some lace up details and a leather jacket. Any polished outfit deserves some good punk rock to it, so I hope this trend stays for a while.

Side note: If you don't know any of these band names, go listen to some damn good music. 

T and Jeans - H&M // Jacket - Zara // Sneakers - Adidas // Bag - Chanel
Sunglasses - RayBan

Photographer: Daniel da Silva

Valery Micaela

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