The Slip Dress

Spring fall dress style

 Let us have a little chat. Have you ever looked at a current trend and wondered to yourself... Why is this not always a trend? This is my exact feels about dresses and sneakers. Combining cute, comfy and functional to create the ultimate chic outfit. And on that note, has your instagram been bombarded with photos of bloggers and celebrities in slip dresses? Wow, me too! And after a long debate with myself whether I should give into the trend, I finally gave in...

Slip dresses, being all the rage that they are, are beautiful. So feminine. So powerful. So effortless. It looks like you've just don't care what anyone else thinks while looking absolutely stunning. I went for a slip dress with not much shape to it, but with a lovely open neckline (so you can rock it bra-less or push up, however you prefer)

Next thing we need to discuss is my utter OBSESSION with these Adidas Original Stan Smiths. Yes they are a men's shoe. Are there any f*cks given? And if you're judging me right now, just remember that every one of the world's style icons are known to dress in an androgynous manner.

Jacket - Zara // Dress - Staple the Label // Shoes - Adidas Originals // Handbag - Chanel // Watch - Daniel Wellington

Spring fall dress style

Photographer: Daniel da Silva

Valery Micaela

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