#BeautyReview: ColourPop

ColourPop has been a brand that I have wanted to try since, literally, FOREVER. I've watched countless of my favourite YouTube Beauty Vloggers use this brand and rave about it, so I immediately rushed to their website to order some things.

Sadly though, back then ColourPop did not ship to South Africa and was just a small business in Santa Clarita, Los Angeles. I then took to researching other ways of getting my hands on their products. Some South African Beauty Bloggers described their experiences with Aramex, but I was a bit too skeptical. Fast forward to December 2016, I was casually browsing their website to see their latest collaborations, and putting things I would have wanted in my shopping cart (as if I could buy them). But then, a miracle happened. As soon as I clicked on check-out, it said they ship to SA!

I literally bought eyeshadows and lipsticks right then and there. It unfortunately took then 7 weeks to arrive, but it was so worth the wait once I got these glorious goodies! 

Super Shock Eyeshadows

ColourPop is known for its eyeshadow formula. Its a pressed powder but feels like a silky smooth cream formula. Also they are so pigmented that a little goes a long way. And because of the silky texture, they're incredibly easy to apply (fingers or brushes) and blend like an absolute dream. 

At only $5 or R65, they're the highest quality shadows at a fraction of the price! So many times I have bought single eyeshadows from luxury brands for R200+ that have disappointed me. All of those have been replaced by my new ColourPop collection. 

Moonwalk in Lighting #1
Moonwalk in Lighting #2
Cricket, So Quiche, La La

Matte X Lipsticks

These lipsticks are the reason why I've stopped using liquid matte lipsticks. They are so incredibly velvety and smooth when applied and dry to a non-sticky gorgeous matte that truly does not come off. I bought these in a value set, paying $25 or R325 for five lipsticks! And the colours range from a perfect nude for my pale olive skin, to everyday pinky nudes, to a gorgeous blue undertones red and a deep purple. I have worn these everyday since I received them.
My final ColourPop verdict is that I am so so incredibly impressed! The products all lived up to their hype on social media and reviews that I've read. I'm definitely going to keep growing my collection, hopefully with some of their infamous highlighters and more lip products. 

Valery Micaela

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