#BeautyReview: Kiko Milano

Kiko has been a cosmetics brand I've always wanted to try. We don't have stores in South Africa, and that is a damn shame because its truly a wonderful and versatile cosmetics brand. However, when I got my hands on this foundation and primer I knew I had to do a review, and decided to add in some more travel photos from my December 2016 adventures.
Matte Face Base

A product that is lightweight, conceals any imperfections and evens out the complexion. As the name suggest, it truly creates a beautifully matte base for foundation, without making you look like a lifeless doll. It will suit anyone from a normal skin to oily skin. I would even go so far as to say that girls with slightly dryer skin types can use it aswell, because it contains castor oil which is known for its moisturizing and soothing properties.

So what makes this primer so special? It creates a soft-focus effect for photos. This primer has been my go to for all events, parties, nights out, etc., when I know theres going to be photos involved. To top it all off, this primer comes in generously sized packaging, is non-comedogenic (meaning it won't block your pores!), and is parabens free.


Nourishing Perfection Cream Compact Foundation

I'm very torn on my opinion about this foundation. You either love or hate a certain foundation right? Not this little guy. When I bought it Lisbon, it was peak winter time and it was exactly what I needed. It had SPF20 for the bright sunny days and was a creamy texture so that the cold afternoon winds didn't dehydrate my skin. With light buildable coverage and formula enriched with hyaluronic acid & vitamin C, I thought I struck a goldmine.

When I returned to Johannesburg, things started going south. It was no longer my go-to everyday foundation. Even upon applying minimal product just to cover some redness, my face started looking like an oil slick. Perhaps because of the altitude? Or the humidity mixed with the 30+ degrees C heat? Who knows...

I was very reluctant to take it on more travels to even hotter places, but I packed it in my makeup bag anyways. When on the border of Namibia at 40+ degree heat and 0% humidity, and waking up at sunrise to go on game drives, the last thing I wanted was to pack on layers of products (that was also when I tried out the matte Kiko primer and it truly outdid itself). I gave this foundation a second shot. And it exceeded any of my expectations. My face looked like I had put nothing on, my skin was glowing but not oily and it helped beat the sun with an extra layer of SPF.

Fast forward to my beach holiday in Cape Town for 2 weeks, I used this foundation every single day, and loved every single minute of it. I feel like this foundation will require more testing, but it seems to do well in any extreme weather when the skin really needs more tending to. So my final verdict? To be continued... 


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